Starpoint Resorts Scam Prevention Team Highlights Common Scam About Needy Traveler

The Starpoint Resorts Scam Prevention Team knows a lot of individuals travel with laptops or other electronic devices that helps them to stay in touch with others. They usually use these items to check their emails or do other types of business. Considering the fact that their buddies know they may be traveling and that they can be reached this way, it might not seem out of the ordinary to receive an email from someone they are friends with. However, email is becoming a common way to scam people. If a hacker gets into a person’s contact list, they sometimes send out emails to everyone in the folder. A common email that scammers send is a story about a traveler being stuck without money or important travel documents and they need some help.

The Starpoint Resorts Scam Prevention Team shares these scammers will often pose as you and ask the individual who receives the email to send money so they can get a ticket back home. They may claim that they can’t be reached because they have lost their phone, but that someone they know nearby is helping them. Since they report to have lost their ID, they often also request to have the funds sent in the name of the person that is supposedly helping them.

Anytime someone receives an email like this, the Starpoint Resorts Scam Prevention Team says that it is important to verify the source. Contact other people who also know the individual and see if the story checks out or if they also received the email. Chances are that if someone else got the same note, it is a scam. It’s better to be safe than sorry in this case, even if it seems like your friend is really in need.

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Starpoint Resorts Specifics Just How You Can Guard Yourself From Scams On Getaways

Starpoint Resorts would prefer to assist vacationers in getting superb holidays, so that they don’t turn out to be the most terrible scams plaguing vacationers while they take their holidays. Fortunately, you can find some suggestions as well as tricks which you basically could use to defend yourself while you are on holiday.

Its Scam Protection Group encourages vacationers to first investigate the region that they’re going to be travelling to prior to the date they start of on their vacations so they have an understanding of specifically what exactly is happening. Determined by the location you may be coping with matters like fraudulent law enforcement, Wi-Fi frauds, and truly bogus cab drivers. Being aware of the prevailing scams you definitely are often one step ahead from the robbers that will be try their best to pin you down.

Starpoint Resorts members might be concentrated about supplying the incredibly ideal concepts to become in a position to constantly preserve vacationers far from scams on getaway, and this is the reason an incredible variety of travelers appear for suggestions just about every year.

Provided that you totally investigate the location that you just merely plan going to, and contemplate the well-known frauds in news headlines, or by going  through the tips shared by Starpoint Resorts members and its Scam Protection Squad, you will be able to avoid being victim of such scams. This year many would have been cheated on-line, and so if travelers start to safe guard all their personal information, and remain off unsecured Wi-Fi connections, they should be fine whilst on getaway.

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Starpoint Resorts Cautions Tourists About Popular Taxi Scams

Starpoint Resorts knows that when you are traveling to a foreign nation to get a getaway then it is actually crucial to know that there are numerous scam squads around that may make an effort to scam you. Persons in foreign nations realize that you aren’t conscious in the culture as well as usually do not know the language. Regrettably, lots of individuals will use this reality to their benefit and scam you out of every single dime they’re able to get remind the members of the Scam Avoidance Team.

Starpoint Resorts members say that one particular widespread scam generally happens with taxi drivers. Taxi drivers normally will charge you greater than the meter says when you are not paying interest. Moreover, they’ll try to add on further charges or inform you that your trip was a flat price trip and also you owe far more than your meter says. At this point there is certainly not a lot that you could do to debate the circumstance. With this in thought suggest the members of the Scam Avoidance Team, it truly is much better to have thought ahead with the concern.

Starpoint Resorts members have web-sites setup for virtually each and every place beneath the sun to ensure that you are able to quickly study more than a complete list of ideas ahead of traveling. In relation to taxis these sites are good simply because they are going to inform you what taxi corporations you could trust and which ones you ought to stay clear of. You may also get the telephone numbers for taxi solutions.

Starpoint Resorts members are aware that this way no matter what time of evening it is or exactly where you will be you can generally have access to a taxi service which you can trust.

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Starpoint Resort Group Knows That The Fake Baby Hides A Pickpocket

Starpoint Resort Group knows that the pickpockets have been around for centuries. Travelers have always known to be on the alert so they do not get their wallet or anything else stolen when they are not looking. The scam prevention team has discussed many ways that pickpockets work their trade. One of the most popular methods that is being used involves a baby and a woman.

How it works

A woman will be carrying a blanket that looks like it holds a baby inside. They will either put the baby down in front of someone or they will actually drop the baby. This is a great distraction. People want to make sure the package they think looks like a baby is okay. When an individual is distracted, a partner will swoop in and will work to pick the traveler’s pocket. It can happen in an instant, but there are some ways that a traveler can protect themselves.

How to stop it

There are several keys to stopping this theft from happening. The first is to be suspicious of any unusual distractions that occur to you when traveling. You should especially watch out for dropped babies.

It is hard to avoid these distractions and a traveler only needs to look away for an instant. The better form of protection is in where you keep your wallet and valuables. You should not have a lot of jewelry on when you go out. That will make you a target. You should also put your wallet in a secure place other than your back pocket. If it is difficult for you to grab, it is difficult for anyone else to grab remind the members of Starpoint Resort Scam Prevention Team.

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Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team Mentions Tricks While On Public Transportation

Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team mentions tricks while on public transportation.  Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team mentions this scam is really bad and shows no morals of the person or persons as the woman or man asks you for this uses a child.  Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team share that the scam ask if you don’t mind having the baby sit next to you.  Soon after this you realize that the person is fidgeting with the baby quite often.   Be warned this is where she is taking your valuables and or looking through your personal stuff.  You will want to either move as soon as she starts adjusting the baby or catch her red handed and confront her.  This is a common scam so be aware.

Starpoint Resort Group Scam Team says the best thing for you to do is though is to just say no, no matter how cute the baby is it is not worth the risk of you being robbed or worse yet having your identity stolen from you.  Or the option would be is to just get up and give them your seat and move away.

If you decide for confrontation be prepared as the person may be holding a weapon or gun. This hopefully won’t be the case but one never knows and my motto and the Boy Scouts of America are to always be prepared. If you feel uncomfortable and it is already past the point of saying no then immediately move your purse, bag or belongings to the side of the window or your other side.  You should keep a watch on your items at all times though no matter what.  This will ensure that the person does not get them nor does anyone else besides you.  Then you should try to remember any distinguishing information about the person and report them to the local scam team or authority in the area.

Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team shares this information to help you be aware of scams that may be common when on vacation.  Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team wants you to enjoy a restful vacation enjoying your destination of choice with fun and relaxation and hassle free.

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Starpoint Resort Group Scam Prevention Group Cautions about Phony Police Officers

Starpoint Resort Group scam prevention group warns travelers of fake police who roam the streets of European cities and elsewhere. If you want to stay unscathed by official-looking con artists, read into your travel agency’s Starpoint Resort Group scam prevention group before traveling.

Scam artists disguised as police will stand on a corner innocently or approach you. They will inform you of recent counterfeit money crackdowns in the area and ask to examine your bills. They may flip casually through your wallet and slyly take a few bills, or openly sprint off with your entire wallet in hand. Scam artists find it far too easy to take off at full Olympic speed leaving a shocked tourist standing with mouth wide open in a cloud of dust.

To avoid this scam, any Starpoint Resort Group scam prevention group will recommend you know the uniform of the local police. If you are unsure of the uniform, but suspect foul play or corruption, it is probably best not to thumb your nose at the guy and walk off. He could be an actual police. If you are concerned, offer to walk with him to the police station. If he refuses, then you have proof he is a fake. A genuine policeman will understand your suspicion and be happy to assuage it. If your common sense does not give you confidence enough, you can contact the Starpoint Resort Group scam prevention group to inform you about the local scams. You don’t have to wander into any situation you are uncomfortable with.

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Starpoint Resort Group Scam Prevention Team Warns of an Airport Scam

Starpoint Resort Group scam prevention team knows that airports are places, where people are used to feeling secure. With all the security checks, various security outposts and the whole atmosphere of the place, one would rarely feel in any kind of danger. This however does not stop experienced scam artists from trying to take what’s yours. You need to be prepared for such occasions if you are about to travel.

Fake employees are one of the more common types of scam, which is reported by the Starpoint Resort Group scam prevention team. A security guard might approach you ask to check your bags. As soon as you open them and they start checking, you will not even see them taking away some of your valuables. The scam can be pulled off by supposed airport general employees as well. The ingenuity of scam artists reaches great heights, and they might even be working in teams in order to scam you.

You need to learn how to recognize the signs of if you are about to be scammed. There are many things to help you achieve that. First of all you should make it a habit to ask people addressing you, even if they are police officers, to show some valid credentials. If they are unable to do that, you have no obligation to show them anything. Starpoint Resort Group scam prevention team knows that, even if they threaten you with prosecution, you are in full rights to refuse anything until you are shown proper credentials and given a valid reason for searching through your things.

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Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team Shares Information about Drugging of Drinks Scam

Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team shares information regardless if you are male or female this can occur nationally as well as internationally when traveling or not.   It usually happens when you are out of your own country though.  Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team mention that they have come across this scam a scammer or scammers will drug your drinks in a tavern or bar that you are frequenting.   With the opportunity to either to molest you or rob you or both this is to make you aware that this could happen.

How to avoid this scenario:

The first thing you should do is always watch your drink as much as you can while you are there.  You shouldn’t let someone approach you and offer you to buy a drink especially if it is the same gender as yourself or if you have never met them.  This is very common in other countries so you shouldn’t feel like you are offending the person.  They are taking advantage of your naivety of the country you are in currently.

Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team shares that if you have to get up and are planning on finishing your drink take it with you.  You should not leave it unattended.  Yes, even to the bathroom or the dance floor.  This will prevent drugging.  If there are rules about not doing this, which I doubt you could always finish it before you leave to go to another area.

If you are too drunk, have the bar call a cab for you to take you to your hotel.  If you are getting drunk fast it’s probably time to leave the bar or tavern and get back to your hotel and sleep whatever it is that is ailing you that night.

That is the only way to safeguard drinks while you are away unless you are there with someone you trust then they can watch your drinks for you and vice versa.

Starpoint Resort Group Scams Team wants you to be vigilant that there are scammers out there to take advantage so be aware.

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Starpoint Resort Members Help You Deal With Credit Card Fraud While Traveling

Starpoint Resort group members are aware of the problems when their credit card information is stolen. The bills that can be charged to the card in a very short time are often very high. When people are at home, they will check their credit cards for any unusual activity by going online. It is one of the best forms of protection that people can have against credit card fraud.

The Starpoint Resort scam prevention team realizes that detecting credit card fraud while you are traveling is not as easy. You are probably using your credit card more often and may not have the ability to check the activity as often while traveling. This is especially true if you are traveling overseas. It is important that you take some other steps to avoid being a victim of this type of fraud.

  • Set up email and text alerts for your card – The alerts will notify you of purchase made over certain amounts, of purchases made in locations that you are not at and of other things that would be considered unusual activity. They should be set up before you go away.
  • Notify the credit card company when you are traveling and where you are traveling. The credit card company will suspect fraud if charges are made in places other than your home unless you tell them. If they know what countries you are in during your travels, they can alert you about potential fraud if the charges do not match the country you are in. They can also deny charges if they choose.
  • Keep an eye on your card – The most common way credit card numbers are stolen is when the card is out of your possession. Do not let this happen while you are traveling and there will be one less thing to worry about.
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Starpoint Resort Group Scam Prevention Team Warns of Possible Airport Scams

Starpoint Resort Group scam prevention team understands that going on vacation is connected to a lot of traveling – most commonly by plane. When people visit a new country they will not know what to expect from it. This is why they are pleasantly surprised when a car is waiting for them, sent from the hotel they have reservations in. The only problem is that this might be a scam and you may never know what will happen if you get inside.

According to the Starpoint Resort Group scam prevention squad, this is one of the most common scams out there. People somehow learn that you are arriving at the airport. As soon as you step out, you are welcomed by someone with a card with your name on it, and a car waiting for you. They state that they are there to take you to the hotel, but as soon as you get in, they initiate their scam. Their counter will be on and will be going with increased rates. Before you know it you will have to pay five times more than you think.

For this reason you need to be thoroughly prepared to address such situations as best as possible. First of all you have to call the hotel in order to ask them if you truly should have a car waiting for you. If you are not supposed to, refuse the service. You should also observe the people that are supposed to drive you well. There are cases in which you call a random cab and the same scam takes place. Starpoint Resort Group scam prevention team understands that you should take notice of suspicious behavior, uniforms, which are not properly aligned and much more. All these things will help you avoid a scam, which might cost you money.

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